Available dimensions

Door widths: 60 cm, 80, 100, 120, 140...
Door heights: 180 cm, 200, 220, 240...
Location and direction of opening of the door to choose.


The door of the Casaflor climatic-cold room has many features such as a magnetic sealing peripheral seal. By pushing the door slightly the magnetic seal comes to seal without manipulation of the handle.

To facilitate opening, the hinges of the door are helical. The door raises slightly at the opening and goes down to closing.

The door is delivered already mounted on a panel which assembles in the same way as the rest of the structure (female male fitting and assembly by hook lock).

The door is fully equipped

On the outside of the door panel, next to the handle, there is a temperature display, a switch and a pressure relief valve. The switch controls the LED interior lighting.

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