Structure design

The 8 specificities of the structure

Thinking for energy savings

In the Casaflor climatic-cold room, the basic priority is optimal thermal insulation, as the cost of energy is constantly increasing. Thanks to the male (1) female sandwich panels (2) made of polyurethane foam which are joined together by a hook lock system (8) (9), the cell of the climatic-cold room forms a perfectly sealed and insulated assembly.

Built to last

In a Casaflor climatic-cold room, there is no corner post because they represent a weak point in the insulation, sealing and solidity. The angles of the Casaflor climatic-cold room are made in one single element (5), the insulation is present without discontinuity, all the assemblies are male / female and only the steel is used in the structure. This explains the long service life of Casaflor climatic-cold room, ease of assembly and insulation performance.

Optimized for hygiene

The development and proliferation of bacteria, fungi and molds such as BOTRYTIS significantly reduce the life of the flowers. That's why we have developed an antimicrobial coating (unique) with natural silver ions (3) that is directly integrated on all the walls of the chamber and on the cooling unit.

Laboratory tests have shown that the antimicrobial coating of climatic-cold room provides active and long-lasting protection against the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and molds that affect the quality of flowers.

Hygiene in the climatic-cold room Casaflor is also improved by the metal covering of the assemblies with incorporated seal (4) (7) which does not require any silicone seal (avoids the molds).

The flooring of the Casaflor climatic-cold room is made of reinforced non-slip stainless steel (6).

1 - Preserve the freshness6 - Cooling system
2 - Floral preservation7 - Assembly
3 - Florist benefits8 - Doors
4 - Size dimensions9 - Shelves
5 - Structure design10 - Glazed CC room
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