Preserve the freshness

The tool used by hundreds of florists to extend the life of flowers

It's been more than 40 years since we bring to florists solutions dedicated to the specific needs of flowers.

Yes flowers have special needs! and standard cold rooms do not meet these needs. This results in problems of drying out, heat shock and botrytis that affect the quality of flowers.

Happy florist!

At Casaflor, we have invested our experience and know-how in the design of climatic cold room and have continued to improve them over the years. Today they provide all the necessary conditions to effectively prolong the life of your flowers.

With Casaflor's climatic cold room, you'll regain control over the freshness of your flowers.

1 - Preserve the freshness6 - Cooling system
2 - Floral preservation7 - Assembly
3 - Florist benefits8 - Doors
4 - Size dimensions9 - Shelves
5 - Structure design10 - Glazed CC room
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