Cooling system

The 8 advantages of the cooling units

Reliability above all

The manufacture of the cooling units only uses components and materials of superior quality to ensure reliability and operational safety. The body benefits from the anti-microbial coating with natural silver ions (present on all the white parts of the climatic-cold room).

Casaflor's cooling units are rigorously tested at their production output. The refrigerant circuit is completely sealed and checked under vacuum to avoid the presence of micro gas leaks that cause breakdowns and long-term maintenance costs.

Energy savings at the heart of the design

The compact architecture of the cooling units optimizes efficiency and reduces power consumption, thanks to a counter-current heat exchanger between the high and low pressure parts.

Casaflor's cooling units are delivered ready for use after a simple connection to an electrical outlet.

1 - Preserve the freshness6 - Cooling system
2 - Floral preservation7 - Assembly
3 - Florist benefits8 - Doors
4 - Size dimensions9 - Shelves
5 - Structure design10 - Glazed CC room
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