Floral preservation

The differences between climatic-cold room and cold room

Illustration comparing cool and cold on a flowerThe climatic cold room slows the blossoming of flowers without blocking their metabolism.

The climatic-cold room are intended for the conservation of cut flowers. Their cool atmosphere prevents the drying of flowers which is one of the main causes of their poor conservation.

Indeed, when a flower stays in the cold and desiccating atmosphere of a standard cold room it dehydrates. This drying causes a thermal shock to the flower during its release and significantly reduces its life.

In the climatic-cold room, the flower bathes in a moisturizing freshness that preserves its behavior and beauty, and allows it to adapt by evaporation to temperature differences with the outside. It does not undergo thermal shock at its exit and thus lives longer.

How to avoid BOTRYTIS

Illustration showing the reaction of bacteria and microbes on a standard coating and an antimicrobial coatingThe action of the antimicrobial coating is based on physical properties : the active agent modifies the characteristics of the surface so that no biofilm can form there. Bacteria and fungi are deprived of biotop and die.

The development and proliferation of bacteria, fungi and molds such as BOTRYTIS significantly reduce the life of the flowers. That's why we developed an antimicrobial coating (unique) with natural silver ions that is directly integrated on all the walls of the climatic-cold room and on the cooling unit.

Laboratory tests have shown that the antimicrobial coating of climatic-cold room provides active and long-lasting protection against the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and molds that affect the quality of flowers.

The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are kept inside the coating throughout the life of the climatic-cold room.

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