Size dimensions

All dimensions multiple of 30 cm

The climatic-cold room adapts in all cases, it is flexible, removable and expandable. It is available in all dimensions multiple of 30 cm (in width, depth and height).

All these dimensions can be combined together (L x W x H), more than 500 climatic-cold room models

With or without floor

Climatic-cold room exists with or without insulated floor.

Picture climatic cold room without floorIn its floorless version, a U-shaped rail receives the partitions of the climatic cold room
Picture climatic cold room with floorIn its version with floor, the partitions are assembled with the ground
1 - Preserve the freshness6 - Cooling system
2 - Floral preservation7 - Assembly
3 - Florist benefits8 - Doors
4 - Size dimensions9 - Shelves
5 - Structure design10 - Glazed CC room
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